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Welcome to spn_soundtrack. Because there is no REAL Supernatural Soundtrack available, here we can make our own! Please read over the brief rules below. This is a fan community squeeing over the WBs Supernatural, staring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

* Please make all your music posts FRIENDS ONLY please!! If not Livejournal deletes music sharing communities that have the music public. Simply put so it can only be viewed by FRIENDS. Thanks.
* Please don't post anything offensive or rude other members.
* Posting of non music related but still Supernatural related is fine, I'd appreciate it if you try to stay on topic.
* This community is friends only, meaning that you must be accepted, this is just so I know who's joining the community.
* You are free to post graphics on Supernatural, Suggested:
- Album covers
- Uploaded music (Preferably uploaded on a hoster)
- Music Videos
* Other graphics, non music related are allowed. Basically anything supernatural is ALLOWED but music related topics are PREFERED!
*After each new supernatural episode you are free to discuss and squee all you want but there are other communites that discuss these things, try supernatural_tv.
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